Be Back Soon

Ok, so I lied.  Not only is this not going to be a Battle of the Brads post, but the Battle of the Brads isn’t going to go down as planned.  It turns out that Mr. Denny has become quite the hot commodity as an Arizona sports writer, and has accepted another writing gig as a columnist for, writing about the Phoenix Suns.  His three jobs, along with his selfish desire to have a social life, have left him no time to engage in a pointless argument (which he would lose) about Star Wars and Lord of the Rings.  Especially since only five people will probably read it.  As such, the argument I was composing has taken on a frightening new form that has run rampant to a degree that I fear I have no control over it anymore.  Immersing myself in a combination of those two worlds has proven to be wildly fun, but mentally detrimental.  That post will have to wait, however.

I had a couple of things I wanted to post in October.  One of them was some home video that was meant to be terrifying (sarcastically).  I have discovered… at least I think I have discovered, that it costs extra to upload home video to Worpress.  I say “think”, because I spent a ton of time trying to figure out how to do it, and this explanation is the only one that brings me peace.  Instead, I will simply try to explain what I wanted to post.

One of the videos was from 2001, and it was a funny thing that I happened to notice that cracked me up, so I started taping it.  I had a dog named Buster who was a toy Fox Terrier that had the shrillest bark in the world.  It was ridiculous.  Anyway, I had the movie Cujo playing on the TV, and Buster was trying to destroy some leftover balloons from a party we had the day before.  There was just enough helium left for them to slowly drift down, and he would jump up to bite it and knock it back up into the air with his nose.  While it slowly drifted back down, he would be barking this super shrill bark all menacingly with his teeth bared.  Meanwhile, in the background, was the part on Cujo where the dog was totally terrorizing the mom and her kid in the car.  He’s barking all ferociously and scratching at the car windows and the mom and kid are all screaming.  And Buster’s just yipping at some balloon drifting down from the sky with bared teeth.  I start to jokingly ask which dog is more terrifying, “Cujo?  (as he scratches and they scream- pan slowly to Buster as he shrilly jumps up to bite at a balloon) “Or Buster?”.  Later on, there’s a shot in the movie of Cujo lying on his belly with his head up watching the car.  The camera is slowly circling him while this dreadful music is playing.  I pan over to Buster and he’s viciously chewing up the remains of a popped balloon while his little nub of a tail is quickly shaking.  It’s pretty damn funny.

The other video I was going to post was also meant to be jokingly scary.  It was from 2007, and it was a first-person view of my ‘monster’ claw hand chasing and terrorizing my girls and the pets.  Kind of cute and silly.

Anyway, the videos were just meant to be a brief holdover until I could write my next post about fear.  And it turned into this whole stupid thing that I couldn’t figure out.  Whatever.

So this post is just to mention that I will soon post something Octoberish appropriate, and then I will excitedly jump back into the Star Rings.. er.. Lord Wars.  Yeah, that.  I think you fellow geeks who love those movies are going to enjoy it… Maybe not.

Personal update:  After ‘Toilet Talk’, my mother no longer likes my blog.

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