Star Wars vs LotR Deathmatch #8

Battle of Bounty Hunters:

Boba Fett

Witch King





The flying monster is over a mountainous region.  Boba Fett has been working his way up the grapple line for many miles.  Jabba is still wide-eyed, but is squirming less now from exhaustion.  The armored bounty hunter gets to the end of the line and grabs the leg of the beast, retracting his grapple line.  The Witch King is unaware of the man.  Fett sets his body in line and bursts his jet pack toward the wraith.  He tackles the undead off of the Fell Beast’s back and they begin to plummet to the earth.  They hit a branch of one of the sparse trees covering the mountain landing and tumble to the ground, rolling several feet away from each other.  The Fell Beast turns and begins to come back for its master.  Coming to its feet, the Witch King hisses “Continue!”, and the dragon-like creature turns back and continues on its path with Jabba in its clutches.  Boba Fett gets to his feet and watches as the tall, black-cloaked Nazgul slowly stands to full height.  A chain trails its hand and a massive spiked weight lies on the ground.  There is a cold wind whistling through the rocks and trees.  The light mountain air is heavy with tension.  Suddenly, a creature steps from behind a rock and breaks the tension with an annoying voice.  “Hey!  Howsa come meesa isn’t in any of these, or any of my friends from episodes one through three?!”  The Witch King answers by quickly swinging its flail and flattening Jar Jar Binks into the ground.  It pulls the spiked weight off of the corpse and Boba Fett aims his forearm and fires a laser blast at it for good measure.

The tension is back.  The black wraith acts first.  It swings the massive flail at Fett, and he rolls out of the way, quickly.  The ground thunders from the impact of the weapon.  The Witch King pulls back the chain and swings again, narrowly missing the dodging man in armor.  Boba Fett kneels and fires off several blasts from his forearm into the corrupted king.  The blasts find their mark, as holes are torn into the dark cloak.  The creature, unmoved, looks down slowly and lets out a raspy laugh.  It swings the flail.  Boba Fett starts to work the Witch King toward a rocky wall of the mountain, as it continues to swing its deadly weapon at him.  A tree is obliterated by the flail, as Fett ducks a swing.  The Witch pulls back and starts to swing- Boba Fett aims his forearm quickly and fires his blaster, severing the chain of the weapon near the spiked weight, sending it flying into the mountain wall behind the Witch King.  Rocks are knocked loose by the flying weight, rolling into the wraith and toppling it to the ground.  Fett acts quickly, running over to the downed creature.

As the Nazgul attempts to gather itself on all fours, Boba Fett, pulling out some grapple line from his forearm, jumps on its back and wraps the line around its neck.  He pulls hard, but hears no strangling sounds from the monster.  Seemingly undaunted, the Witch King stands with Boba Fett on its back, and backs up hard against the rock wall.  Boba is jolted, his head snapping back.  He struggles to hold onto the line.  The witch slams him back again.  Fett loosens his grip.  The Witch King reaches back over its shoulders and grabs Fett’s hands, flipping him forward overhead.  Fett rolls far into a boulder that is half sticking up out of the ground.  The Witch King starts to spin the empty, but still lethal, chain over head.  It hits the armored Fett as he struggles to stand up.  The blow sends him rolling.  The Nazgul strikes again with the chain.  And again.  And again.  Boba Fett can feel the life ebbing out of him, as he is knocked around by the chain.  The witch closes in.  Fett struggles mightily to stand.  The Witch King gets close and swings the chain around Fett’s waist.  It wraps him up and the wraith violently pulls the chain.

Fett is jerked into the chest of the cloaked witch, his head bobbing with the effort of holding it up.  The wraith speaks in a cold whisper “You dare to disrupt my delivery to Master Sauron?!  You will spend eternity in the fires of Mordor!!”  Boba lifts his arm slowly.  There is a small metal ball in his hand.  He flips a switch and its starts to flash lights and make clicking noises.  The wraith looks down at his hand.  Boba Fett tosses the ball straight up in the air, fires his blaster at the handle of the flail, severing the chain, and jet blasts up into the air, the chain trailing from around his waist.  The Witch King watches as the ball comes down in slow motion before its feet.  The thermal detonator explodes, as we see it from above- Boba Fett flying upward with the blast below him.  He didn’t get far enough away.  The force from the giant explosion damages his jet pack, sending him careening out of control.  The force slams him up into a boulder, protruding from a ledge of the mountain as the fires burn below.

Boba Fett is battered.  The armor is charred and torn.  His helmet is missing a corner, exposing part of a bloodied chin.  He hangs on to the rock.  The wind is blowing fiercely.  He knows he has to climb up to survive.  His jet pack is too damaged to help.  He starts to grasp for a better finger hold.  He struggles with all that he has left to pull himself partly up the ledge.  That’s when he hears the voice.  A powerful chant carries through the air as Fett looks up.  He recognizes the white wizard who defeated his Stormtroopers and interfered at Jabba’s palace.  From higher up, on the snowy peak of the mountain, Saruman continues his chant with arms reached out, a scepter in his hand.  The mountain begins to rumble.  An avalanche rolls from high in the mountain and loosens rocks forming a snowy rock slide that descends upon Boba Fett’s position.  He is consumed by it.  The rocky avalanche carries Boba Fett over the ledge and sends him back to the fiery ground.  The snow and rock smother the fire and Fett lands hard within the pile…

Hours pass…  Maybe days.  A hand twitches from beneath snow.  Boba Fett slowly comes to and, very slowly, starts to move rubble in order to escape.  Amazingly, he is alive.  The snow helped break his fall, while the rocks created a small breathing space to sustain him.  But he is all but broken.  He emerges after great effort and time from the pile and slowly crawls out onto flat ground.  He crawls for what seems like hours, the broken chain still wrapped around his waist.  He continues his crawl until his hand touches a black boot.  He pauses.  He follows the boot up a long, black leg and comes to a kneel.  It’s covered by a burned and torn cloak.  He wearily looks up at the Witch King and weakly says, “Why.. won’t.. you… die?…”  The witch laughs.  It sounds like a snake’s rattle.  “Heheheh.. Fool! No man can kill me!!”  Boba Fett stares for a moment, his hands resting on the knees of the Witch King.  He pulls himself up unsteadily, standing before the dark creature.  He reaches up and puts his hands under his beaten helmet.  He lifts it up.

Long brown hair falls from the helmet as it is lifted up.  The long eyelashes and delicate features seem to shock the faceless wraith.  It sounds nervous, “Wha..?!”  The bruised and bleeding face answers with renewed vigor, “I am no man…  I am Samus Aran… I kill Metroids…”  The Witch King cocks its head slightly, as if confused.  “AND WITCHES!!”  With that, Samus quickly lifts her arm and aims it straight into the black, faceless hood and fires a blast from her forearm blaster.  The Witch King shrieks and starts to convulse wildly.  The creature shrivels up and collapses in a heap under its tattered black cloak….

Samus wakes up.  She doesn’t know how much time has passed, but she awakens with purpose.  One thing consumes her mind now.  The white wizard.  She pushes a button on her forearm and waits.  After some time, her ship appears and lands on the ruined mountainside.  She gets in and ascends from the charred rubble…

**Boba Fett is no man.. and she kills the Witch King** (Star Wars 4, LotR 4)

In the mountains

Boba Fett dislodges the Witch King from the Fell Beast

Boba Fett stands to face the Nazgul







The Witch King stands tall and pulls up his devastating flail

Jar Jar Binks interrupts the duel and is brutally destroyed

The Nazgul swings its flail at Fett









Fett evades and fires his forearm blaster..

..breaking the chain..

..the flail weight causes a rock slide that topples the Nazgul








The Witch King rams Boba Fett back into wall

The Witch King brutally attacks Fett..

.. with his chain








Boba Fett is battered

The Witch King pulls Boba in by the chain and taunts him

Boba Fett tosses up a thermal detonator..








..blasts the chain..

..and flies away

There is an explosion..







Boba is caught in the fiery blast, damaging his jet pack

Boba Fett hangs from a cliff

Saruman chants from the mountain top








Boba is buried in a rocky avalanche

Boba Fett is very battered

Boba crawls out of the rubble and into the still-living Witch King









“Why.. won’t.. you… die?...”

“Heheheh.. Fool! No man can kill me!!”

“I am no man… I am Samus Aran…"








"I kill Metroids…”


"I'm sorry, come again?"






Samus Aran Fett shoots the Witch King in the face

Boba Fett (aka Samus Aran) is beaten up

She calls for her ship while thinking about one thing...







.. Vengeance!

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2 Responses to Star Wars vs LotR Deathmatch #8

  1. perillo says:

    Ok all was good, but now you are crossing over Samus from Metroid, is this totally MAD.

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