Star Wars vs LotR Deathmatch #11 – (Main Event #2)

Battle of Chosen Ones:

Luke Skywalker








The surface of Tatooine is bright and hot.  An occasional wind kicks up sand into the arid air.  Zooming in on the bright yellow surface, we see a sail barge skimming the surface of the planet.  There is a man on either end.

Luke Skywalker is wearing white garbs and has long, feathery yellow hair blowing back in the wind.  His lightsaber is clipped to his belt.  Aragorn, son of Arathorn, stands across from him.  He is clean-shaven with long brown hair hanging below his shoulders.  His sword rests in its scabbard.  The two men are vaguely aware of why they are here.  Aragorn: “You are the Chosen One of your story?”  Luke nods.  Luke: “And you?”  Aragorn nods.  Aragorn: “And we are to fight to the death?”  Luke hesitates, “There can only be one Chosen One.”  The men drop their heads.  Luke does not want to fight this man.  He had done no wrong to him.  Aragorn looks up at Luke.  The boy looks so young and innocent.  He does not want to kill him.  Images suddenly start to fill the men’s minds.  Luke sees R2D2 with an axe in his dome; Lando convulsing and transforming with a fist in his chest; Chewbacca and Threepio crashing the Millenium Falcon into a battlefield; …. Leia floating dead in a river.  He looks up at the man from the other world…

Aragorn sees Boromir with a smoking hole in his chest; Arwen lying half undressed next to a dark man with a cape; Elrond transforming into another man; Eowyn shot dead by a river; Legolas getting shot down in a battlefield; … and an image not yet come to pass of Gandalf running in a dark place from monsters.  He looks up at Skywalker and speaks, “This can not go on.  Our worlds are becoming more and more unstable.  It’s tearing everything apart!”  Luke, unbelieving: “My sister is dead.. your people killed her.”  Aragorn recalls his own image of Arwen standing beside the river with the dead princesses floating away.  Luke’s eyes widen in revelation, “It was someone you care deeply for…  She killed Leia.”  Luke’s eyes become angry, “I will take you from her, as she took my sister from me.”  The men walk to the center of the sail barge.

Young Skywalker and Aragorn grapple.  They grunt with effort, and Luke, in his anger, throws Aragorn back.  Aragorn appears surprised at the younger, smaller man’s strength.  He walks back to Luke and they grapple again.  No longer underestimating his opponent, he uses his leverage to throw Luke back this time.  Luke stands and holds a hand up in the air, waiting for his opponent.  He wants a test of strength.  Aragorn obliges.  They slowly clasp hands above their heads and slam into each other’s chests, struggling to overpower each other.  Aragorn’s back leg starts to waver.  He drops to a knee, as Luke stands above him pushing down through their clasped hands.  Aragorn, wincing in pain and effort, starts to shake his head.  He pushes back hard and stands back up on both feet.  He regains leverage and forces Luke down to his knees.  The struggling men talk.  Luke: “What is happening?”  Aragorn: “I’m not sure.  We are both Chosen Ones.  Perhaps it is difficult to choose a winner when we are both loved so.”  Luke: “So, how long do we have to struggle at a stalemate before something happens?”  (Precedent indicates at least nine minutes and twenty-seven seconds, according to this video of Hulk Hogan vs Ultimate Warrior in Wrestlemania VII)

*  *  *  *  *

In the distance, eyes are watching the sail barge as it moves across the sand.  A small group of Sand People are seen gazing across the dunes when they suddenly start convulsing and turning black.  Copies of Agent Smith stand where the Sand People once were.

*  *  *  *  *

Back on the sail barge, the two men have unclasped and are standing apart from one another.  Luke: “One of us has to die.  It’s going to be you.”  Aragorn: “I do not blame you for your anger, but I will not let you kill me.”  Luke pulls a cylinder from his belt and activates his lightsaber.  The blue light slides out slowly.  Aragorn reaches to his scabbard and slowly draws his blade.  Reforged from the shards of Narsil, Aragorn wields Anduril, the blade that can summon an army.  The two men take position with their blades.  Luke moves first, swinging his blue light against Aragorn.  Aragorn easily blocks it, and spins to swing against the boy.  Luke barely blocks it in time.  Aragorn is a master swordsman and is surprised at the other Chosen One’s lack of skill.  It’s as if he has had little training with the weapon.  Luke forces him back with a thrust of his saber.  He has a look as if he knows he is outmatched by the more veteran fighter.  The men notice a building not far off from the moving sail barge.  It is the ruined arena where the convergence of worlds began.  The walls are all crumbled in piles, a massive hole in its center where the asteroid worm ripped through.  The sail barge starts to wobble.  The two men stumble, trying to catch themselves.  The barge begins tipping sideways and the combatants grab rails to hold on.  They see a large tentacle wrapped around a lower rail of the sail barge.  Another tentacle grabs on and begins to shake the barge violently.  The men lose their grip and fall into the sand, rolling toward the mouth of the Sarlacc Pit.

The men are grabbed by the disgusting tentacles of the sand pit and slice at them with their weapons.  Severed tentacles fly about as they continue to slide into the mouth of the beast.  They drop into darkness.  They fall far.  Luke’s blue lightsaber slightly illuminates the dark, showing nothing but his face as they fall through blackness.  Then, strangely, it’s as if they are not falling so much as being suspended in space.  The lightsaber starts to flicker.  It gradually changes from blue to green.  Gravity seems to find them again as they fall into light.  They hit a stone floor.  Surprise is evident on both their faces as they stand to survey their new surroundings.  It is dusk.  They are high up on a white city-castle inset on a mountain side.  A sterling white tree sits in the middle of the landing, and there is a long, pointed ledge that juts outward over the base of the castle.  They are at the Court of Kings at Minas Tirith.  The orange glow of fire is seen from the ground below as a fierce battle wages on.  The peace of the landing contrasts strangely with the mayhem below.  Aragorn looks at Luke.  He no longer looks young.  His hair is shorter and he wears tight black clothes and boots.  His formerly blue light is now green.  Luke looks at Aragorn and sees a beard that wasn’t there before.  He looks more grizzled.  More battle-hardened.  Aragorn looks about Minas Tirith, “This is Gondor.  I am king here, boy.”  Luke: “I am no longer a boy.  I am a Jedi.”

Luke pulls up his saber as Aragorn cocks an eyebrow.  His sword meets the green light and the two dance.  Aragorn starts to look confused as he works hard to thwart Luke’s attacking strokes.  The boy is suddenly very skilled with his weapon.  Aragorn tries to go on the offensive.  Sparks fly as the blades repeatedly clash.  Aragorn’s overhead stroke meets a parry and the two men pull in close and speak, the effort of holding their blades evident through gritted teeth.  Aragorn: “We don’t have to kill each other!  There has to be another way!”  Luke: “There can be only one Chosen One!!”  With those words, a crack of lightning crosses the sky above them.  A swirling cloud forms and black figures start to drop from the sky.  A stream of Agents are seen jumping into the Sarlacc Pit on Tatooine.  Hundreds of them fall from the sky into the court over Minas Tirith and surround Luke and Aragorn.

One of the dark-suited men with sunglasses speaks, “My, my, my.  Will you look at this.  It’s a banner day for The Agency!  We have not just one Chosen One, but TWO!!”  Luke and Aragorn back up to one another with their weapons held up as the Agents slowly close in.  Back-to-back they turn slowly.  Aragorn yells, “Elrond!  I love Arwen!”  A pained expression touches Luke’s face at the name of his sister’s killer.  The Agents stop their advance.  The original Agent Smith takes off his shades and lowers his head in thought, “Yes.  She is happy with you.  But she should not have given up her immortal…”  He abruptly cuts off.  He replaces his shades.  “I am no longer Elrond.  We are Agent Smith.  And it is time for you both to DIE!!”  The black circle around Luke and Aragorn collapses inward.

The Chosen Ones battle valiantly.  Sword and light cut down Agent after Agent as they continue to swarm.  The numbers are beginning to overwhelm them, however.  An ethereal male voice permeates the air, “Luke!  Use the Force!”  Luke looks up to the air and is inspired by Obi-Wan’s voice.  Holding out a hand, he uses the Force to throw several Agents back into the air.  He jumps and spins skillfully with his lightsaber, slashing through the suited Agents.  Agents are flying about from the Jedi’s power.  Aragorn marvels at the other man as he tries to concentrate on keeping himself alive.  The suits continue to stream through the hole in the sky.  It seems there is no end to their numbers.  It is looking dire for the Chosen Ones, as many hundreds more Agents pile out of the sky.  Aragorn’s face looks bleak as he watches the stream of evil.  He hears a voice.  Feminine, but as ethereal as the last, Galadriel, Elven Queen of Lothlorien speaks to Aragorn through the air, “King of Gondor!  Do not forget the power of your sword!”  Aragorn looks at his blade.  He presses his forehead against the flat of it and starts whispering quickly.  Luke and Aragorn are overrun.  A black blanket of Agents have covered the Chosen Ones.

*   *   *   *   *

The men are being held by Agents, their hair pulled back in a kneeling position.  The original Agent Smith walks over to them.  “At last!  Order can be restored!  With your dying breaths, the Program can resume as written!  There ARE no Chose Ones!”  A rumbling sound is heard in the distance.  It grows louder as the suited men look around questioningly.  A greenish glowing mist starts to form around the fringe of the landing.  From out of the mist, an army of undead charge into the black suits.  Agents fall by the hundreds, as the specter warriors slice through them with ease.  Soon, the entire contingent of Agents is swallowed by glowing green.  Before long, Luke and Aragorn are freed, surrounded by a thousand dead suited Agents.  After the last of the suited men fall, all of the ghost army turns expectantly toward Aragorn.  He lifts his blade before his face, marveling at its beauty and power.  He looks at Luke thoughtfully, as if to consider using the ghost army against him.  But decides against it.  “I release you!”, he exclaims.  The ghosts fade away.

Luke looks at Aragorn and says, “This settles nothing.”  Aragorn raises his sword.  “Luke!”  The ethereal voice is back again, “Use the Force!”  At Kenobi’s prompt, Luke extends his hand and sends Aragorn flying back several feet.  He runs up to Aragorn, striking down with his lightsaber.  Aragorn barely manages to block the strike as he scrambles to his feet.  Luke sends Aragorn flying again.  He is slowing down now as Luke presses his attack.  Luke clearly has the advantage.  Galadriel’s voice fills the air, “Aragorn!  I have learned of their power!  I can protect you from direct attacks!”  Luke lifts his arm toward Aragorn and nothing happens.  Suddenly, the chamber door slams open and a flaming man carrying another man runs across the landing.  Jumping over the fallen bodies of Agents, Denethor, the steward of Gondor, carries his son, Faramir, over his shoulders toward the ledge of the overhang.  He jumps off the ledge screaming and leaving a brilliant trail of fire behind him.  Luke and Aragorn share a quick confused look and then continue their battle.

No longer able to use the Force to throw Aragorn around, the two commence with a grand battle of blades.  Galadriel’s aid has reinvigorated Aragorn.  The ethereal voices continue to coach the combatants.  Kenobi: “Search your feelings, Luke!”  Galadriel: “Yes!  His feelings, Aragorn!  You can turn them against him!”  The sound of a lightsaber being swung is heard in the air with Galadriel’s scream.  Galadriel talks no more.  Aragorn looks angry.  Luke smiles and raises his hand, believing that Aragorn’s protection from the Force is gone.  Nothing happens.  Luke’s smile fades and a new ethereal voice is heard, “I am here, boy.”  Aragorn looks to the sky, “Gandalf!”  Gandalf speaks from the air, “Do as the Elf Queen said, Aragorn!”  Aragorn looks at Luke and says, “My wife killed your sister.”  A flash of yellow crosses Luke’s eyes, as his brow turns down.  He yells and attacks Aragorn viciously.

*   *   *   *   *

Aragorn parries desperately, as the angry Skywalker advances.  Luke’s eyes are glowing yellow now, his lightsaber also taking on a similar yellow hue.  He backs Aragorn into the chamber where the steward’s fire still burns.  Luke uses the walls to perform acrobatic leaps while trying to catch the King of Gondor off guard.  Luke becomes frustrated with his inability to kill the man and he lets out a yell, “LEIA!!!”  His eyes glow orange now, as does his blade.  The look in the man’s eyes frightens Aragorn.  He escapes back out onto the landing, barring the door behind him.  As Aragorn walks backward, the door shakes.  The shaking becomes increasingly violent until the door blows off the wall completely.  Aragorn falls back, shielding his face from the splinters.  Luke stands in the doorway, his deep orange glowing eyes fixed on Aragorn.  He holds his blade in front of him.  A flaming stick flies at Aragorn from Denethor’s bonfire.  He knocks it away with his sword.  Another comes at him like a flaming spear.  He’s able to divert it.  The oiled, flaming wood is starting to catch the bodies of the Agents on fire.  Luke sends a larger log toward Aragorn as he attempts to evade another spear.  It knocks him back hard, burning his shoulder.  Obi-Wan: “Luke!  Control your anger!”  Luke looks briefly to the sky, but then brings his furious orange gaze back down toward Aragorn.  Luke sends three flaming spears at Aragorn.  Aragorn times his parry well, and knocks all of them to the side.  Breathing hard, he looks over to see that one of the flaming pieces of wood has set the White Tree of Gondor on fire.  A brief look of sadness touches his tired face.  From the doorway, Luke charges.

The two men trade strikes for several minutes.  The flaming White Tree of Gondor is set behind them, lighting the evening dark, as they dance with their weapons.  Many of the piles of Agents are also aflame, lighting the landing as well.  Luke’s frustration grows with every successful parry delivered by the king.  He jumps back several feet, near the Tree of Gondor.  He deactivates his lightsaber and holds his arms out to his sides.  His teeth are bared.  His eyes glow red.  He raises his arms up slowly.  The lifeless Agents start to rise to their feet.  Many are on fire from the oily wood thrown about earlier.  They stagger towards Aragorn.  “THIS IS MADNESS!!”, yells the king.  With a yell, he charges the Jedi and crashes his shoulder hard into him as his arms are still rising.  Luke flies into the flaming White Tree of Gondor and catches fire quickly.  The Agent bodies all crumble to the ground loudly, as Luke jumps out away from the tree aflame.  He runs toward the overhang ledge and jumps, a trail of fire behind him as he falls.

Aragorn is weary.  Sweat has matted down his hair and he is breathing heavy.  Sheathing his blade, he walks toward the ledge where the other man jumped.  As he walks around and over the many Agent bodies, he senses something is wrong.  It is too quiet.  The orange glow below is gone and the sounds of battle on the ground have subsided.  The flames of the landing are the only light visible.  He reaches the ledge and peers over it to the ground.  He can not see the ground.  A thick mist obscures his vision, covering the ground as far as he can see.  Something grabs his ankle.  He looks down and sees a nearby Agent with some life left in it holding on to him.  Aragorn tries to react, but it is too late.  The Agent pulls hard on Aragorn’s leg and is able to get close enough to push him over the ledge.  Aragorn begins to fall into the mist.

*   *   *   *   *

After falling for what seems like hours, Aragorn feels the odd sensation of lightness.  He hears Gandalf’s voice, “I have you, boy.”  Aragorn lightly settles to his feet in a dimly lit swamp.  The air is thick and dank.  He stands at the edge of a large pond.  At the other end of the pond he sees Luke Skywalker emerging from the water.  Smoke rises from his entire body, his charred skin and seething red glare very reminiscent of his father’s long ago.  He spies Aragorn.  His blood red lightsaber comes out slowly as he icily says, “I hate you.”  Gandalf yells to Aragorn from the air, “There is a cave!  Go into the cave!”  Aragorn locates the cave with his eyes and runs for it.

It is strange inside the cave.  It feels.. different.  Inside, Aragorn finds a small clearing.  Soon after, Luke steps into the clearing.  Somehow, time slows down.  Skywalker approaches in slow motion, his red eyes and red blade emitting an evil-looking glow.  Reality seems to flicker before Aragorn’s eyes.  Luke now appears as a tall, black helmeted figure with a black cape.  Aragorn catches his own reflection in his blade.  He looks like Luke!  Another flicker and Aragorn sees his own reflection.  Luke is the man across from him.  With a snarl, Luke strikes at Aragorn.  Aragorn gathers himself from the odd vision.  He is so spent from fighting this man.. this Jedi.. he draws on every ounce of strength he has left to defend himself.  He is struggling.  The anger has made Skywalker very powerful, and Aragorn knows he is losing.  — A warm air blows through him.  His eyes widen, briefly.  He feels Arwen’s presence.  He smells her.  He closes his eyes and he sees her.  She is so beautiful, wearing her wedding dress.  She blows him a kiss and dust sprays in slow motion across his face.

With his eyes still closed, Aragorn spins to avoid an arching death blow from Luke and slashes Anduril to the side.  He opens his eyes…  The burned, headless body of Skywalker collapses next to him while his charred head rolls several feet on the ground.  The head bursts open.  The smoke dissipates from the exploded head and Aragorn sees a torn open face with a black helmet inside.  The helmet of Darth Vader.

Aragorn looks disgustedly at the head and yells, “What does it mean?!”  Gandalf’s voice: “He became consumed by his anger, Aragorn.”  Aragorn: “But I was angry too.  I saw images.  I wanted to kill him.”  Gandalf: “Yes, but they have different rules in their world, boy.  You have done well to defeat the dark Skywalker.”  Aragorn looks confused.  “And what of the flicker?!”  Gandalf: “Flicker?”  Aragorn: “It was as if reality itself was torn, but for a moment.  I was not myself.  Luke was another man.”  Gandalf is quiet for several seconds, “It is getting worse.  I have more work to do.”  Aragorn is very exhausted.  His eyes start to roll back in his head, and he collapses from fatigue.

In a nearby tree, a small green figure with pointy ears looks on.  He looks up to the sky toward the voice that spoke to the man that killed young Skywalker.  His eyes narrow.

**Luke gives in to anger and Aragorn gives in to peace**  (Star Wars 6, LotR 5)

A sail barge in hot Tatooine

Young Luke does not want to fight

Luke remembers Artoo







Luke remembers Lando

Luke remembers Chewie

Luke remembers Threepio







Luke remembers Leia

Aragorn does not want to fight

Aragorn remembers Boromir







Aragorn sees a dazed Arwen

Aragorn remembers Elrond

Aragorn remembers Eowyn







Aragorn remembers Legolas

Aragorn foresees Gandalf running from monsters

The combatants emulate Hulk Hogan and Ultimate Warrior's classic good guy vs good guy match in Wrestlemania VII








Sand People watch in the distance

Sand People turn into Agents

Luke is angry, but young and inexperienced







Aragorn is unimpressed with Luke's skill

The Sarlacc Pit tips the men out of the sail barge and pulls them in

The White Tree of Gondor








The Court of Kings at Minas Tirith

"I am king here, boy”

“I am no longer a boy.. I am a Jedi”







They dance with their blades

Swirling electric clouds form above the court and black figures fall from the sky

“It’s a banner day for The Agency! We have not just one Chosen One, but TWO!!”







The Agents swarm the Chosen Ones

"Luke, use the Force!"

"Aragorn, do not forget the power of your sword!”







Aragorn presses his head against his blade and summons an army

The undead army destroys the agents

"Use the Force, Luke!"







"I can protect you from direct attacks"

Denethor runs by on fire carrying Faramir

"Search your feelings, Luke!"







“Yes! His feelings, Aragorn! You can turn them against him!”

Galadriel is silenced

Gandalf takes up the protection of Aragorn from the Force







"My wife killed your sister"

Luke has yellow eyes

Luke angrily brings his yellow light against Aragorn







Focusing on his anger over Leia's death, Luke's eyes and lightsaber turn orange

Luke starts Force-throwing fiery logs and sticks from Denethor's bonfire

Aargorn diverts the projectiles with his sword








"Luke, control your anger!"

The Tree of Gondor and Agent bodies catch fire

Luke's eyes glow red









Dead Agents start to rise up from Luke's powerful anger


Aragorn charges and knocks Luke into the flaming tree







Luke catches fire

Luke jumps over the ledge on fire

Aragorn looks over the ledge but only sees a thick mist







Aragorn is pushed over into the mist

Gandalf settles Aragorn down lightly in Dagobah

"I hate you"







Reality flickers and Aragorn sees Darth Vader in the cave

Dark Luke attacks viciously

Aragorn sense Arwen, closes his eyes, and gives in to peace







Aragorn spins and takes off Dark Luke's head

Luke's face explodes revealing Darth's helmet inside

"He got angry- They have different rules"








"There was a flicker"

“It is getting worse- I have more work to do”

Yoda wants a piece of Gandalf

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