Star Wars vs LotR Deathmatch #13 – (Finale- part 1)

Battle of Dark Ones:

Darth Sidious






The Fell Beast is flying over red rocky terrain now.  Jabba, in a delirious stupor from exhaustion and fear, is jolted partially to his senses by a sudden lurch from the flying beast that has its claws dug into him.  He sees what the beast was avoiding, as a ship with triangular-patterned wings touches down below on the rocky surface.  As they fly further away, he squints to see a ramp exiting the ship with four red figures carrying something out, followed by a dark figure.  More ships are touching down behind the first…

*   *   *   *   *

Darth Sidious, also known as Emperor Palpatine, surveys his surroundings on this primitive ‘Middle Earth’.  Strange…  He thought he briefly sensed the powerful item he seeks nearby, but then the feeling faded away.  Ever since he first felt the pull of the power of the item- whatever that item may be, he still didn’t know- he has been compelled to pursue it.  An item like that would bring the Rebellion to its knees.  It would bring whole galaxies to their knees!  He knows little of this place, but enough to know that this location- a place called ‘Mordor’- was where he will find what he seeks, and that the prize in the box will help him obtain it.  The Sith Lord stops and closes his eyes for a few seconds.  Pointing a gnarled, white finger he says, “This way!”…

*   *   *   *   *

Samwise Gamgee is behind the Black Gates of Mordor disguised as an Orc, attempting to be inconspicuous.  He hears a commotion as Orcs scramble about looking up to the sky and pointing.  He looks up to see the giant Fell Beast flying over the Black Gates carrying a giant slug.  It is just as Gandalf said it would be.  Remembering Gandalf’s instructions, he starts walking toward where the Fell Beast flies…

*   *   *   *   *

The Eye of Sauron watches eagerly as the Fell Beast approaches.  Mount Doom can be seen in the distance behind the tower with the Eye, actively spewing hot lava.  Sauron feels the Ring coming closer.  The Fell Beast swoops down to the ground where two cave trolls await, each holding giant meat hooks.  The Cave Trolls pierce Jabba’s tail end with the meat hooks, eliciting a scream from the Hutt.  The Cave Trolls look at the Fell Beast, nod, and then yank back fiercely at the same time that the flying monster flaps hard, pulling the upper half of Jabba.  A grotesque ripping sound is heard as Jabba is torn in two, and his scream is silenced.  Blood and guts pour out of the Hutt, as the Cave Trolls search the carnage.  One of them kicks something.  He looks down and sees nothing, but feels something under his foot.  Reaching down, he feels a body that is invisible to the eye.  He searches the body, and feels the Ring on one of the fingers.  He slides it off and the partially digested body of the Gollum comes into view.  Even dying in the belly of Jabba, he had managed to put on his ‘Precious’.

Grabbing a spear, the Cave Troll waits as the Fell Beast grabs a hold of him and takes him up to the Eye of Sauron.  The beast flies up next to the crescent crest atop the tower where Sauron’s eye is suspended.  The Cave Troll pulls back his spear and thrusts hard into the crest, piercing it.  Taking the One Ring, he holds it up to the hole and it somehow merges around the crescent and into the hole, and enlarges to a proportional size.  The Eye is pierced with the One Ring.  The Eye narrows and bursts with fire, sending the Fell Beast and Cave Troll flying.  Sauron seems to like his new eye ring…

*   *   *   *   *

Darth Sidious approaches the Black Gates of Mordor, his Royal Guards carrying the box behind him.  Sidious: “Let the Lord of the Black Land come forth!  We bring a gift!”  Several seconds pass as they look at the massive gate, awaiting a response.  The Gates slowly open enough for a figure on a horse to come out and greet the small party.  The figure wears black and a helmet frames its mouth covering up the rest of its face.  The teeth are large, sharp, and rotten.  The Mouth of Sauron speaks in a low gravel-like voice, “The Great Sauron bids you welcome.  He is in a mood for celebrating and welcomes gifts.  What is it that you wish to bestow upon the Great Master?”  The doorman’s grin is large and hideous.  Sidious: “Our gift is for Sauron’s eyes only.  Let us by.”  The Mouth of Sauron cocks his head slightly in confusion, “Perhaps you mean ‘eye’?.. “  He continues, “The Great Sauron requires that no one passes through without my inspection.  I ask again, what is it that you bring to the all powerful Sauron?”  Sidious attempts to manipulate the doorman with the Force, “You do not need to see what we bring.  You will let us inside.  And you will ask no more questions!”  Again, the Mouth of Sauron slightly cocks his head.  Palpatine imposes his will on the thing as it continues to appear to be pondering.  It smiles wide and frightening as the Black Gates slowly start to open further.  The Mouth of Sauron laughs a raspy laugh, “You underestimate Sauron’s power, mortal!  For that, you will have regret.”  The Gates open far enough to reveal Sauron’s army of thousands standing ready to attack.  Orcs, Uruk-hai, Cave Trolls and other minions of Mordor grunt and growl at the unwelcome guests.  The Emperor grins evilly.  “I did not suspect it would be easy.”  He looks back over his shoulder and raises a hand.  Black and white helmets can be seen coming up over the rocky hill by the Black Gates.  There are very many.  Darth Sidious turns his head back to the Mouth of Sauron, his evil grin still touching his lips.  His grin slowly becomes an evil scowl.  He abruptly swings his arm, a red blade shooting out from his lightsaber, sending the head of the doorman flying.  The minions of Mordor stare momentarily… and then let out a war cry.

Arrows darken the sky while the ground level is illuminated by red blaster fire.  Stormtroopers are charging down the hillside now, firing at will on the army of Mordor.  The back ranks of Orcs continue to fire arrows, but many are too weak to pierce the armor of the attacking troops.  Uruk-hai arrows, thicker and stronger, are more lethal, felling many Stormtroopers.  While the Stormtroopers continue to close distance, many of the front ranks of Mordor attack Darth Sidious.  It proves fatal.  They fall by the dozens as he Force throws and slashes threw them skillfully with his red lightsaber.  They attempt to flank him and his Royal Guards.  Holding out one hand, Sidious emits Dark lightning from his finger tips covering one entire group of would-be attackers while cutting through the other attackers with the help of his Royal Guard and their steel sabers.  The Guard all have their back to the box they were carrying, allowing nothing near.  As the electrified flank falls, burning from his hand, Darth Sidious suddenly spins up into the air, flipping backwards, and cuts off the head of a charging Cave Troll.  It collapses in a heap just as the Stormtroopers reach the Black Gate.

The army attempts to close the gate.  It slowly starts to swing closed when the Emperor notices and points his hands toward them, gritting his teeth.  The Black Gates slowly stop closing.  Sidious is struggling to hold them open, while the Cave Trolls are still pushing against the massive turnstiles that close the gates.  Sidious grits his teeth harder and lets out a yell, “AAAAAHHH!!!”  A deafening snap is heard, and then a creaking sound as the gigantic Black Gates start to fall from their hinges.  The gates teeter and then start falling outward as combatants attempt to flee from the massive structures.  Palpatine and his guards are able to get out of the way, while many Stormtroopers and Mordor minions are crushed by the falling gates.  The sound of them hitting the ground is thunderous.  Stormtroopers, without the debilitating bottleneck they suffered in the small arena ring in their first match, are able to storm Mordor and use their blasters to overtake the defending army…

*   *   *   *   *

Sauron sees the battle that has taken place on his front porch, his eye ring shining in the firelight.  He eagerly awaits the fools that will unleash him…

*   *   *   *   *

While the battle continues to wage on, Darth Sidious and his Guards carrying the box stroll through Mordor toward the tower with The Eye.  An occasional defender is easily dispatched by the Sith Lord as he strolls toward his prize.  He feels it strongly now… the power that drew him here.  So incredible, this power he feels.  His anticipation is almost overwhelming.  They reach the base of the Tower of the Eye.  The Eye is looking down at them.  Suddenly, it disappears!  The tower is still there, but the underlying crescent and eye have vanished!  Palpatine’s brow turns down.  Before he has a chance to consider what has happened, Sauron’s eye appears right in front of him on the ground, supported by the crescent.  Flames bounce around within the eye, mesmerizing the Sith Lord.  He catches a glint on the crescent beside the Eye.  It is a gold ring.  It is the source of his longing.  He feels its pull.. a pull so powerful it aches in him now.  He must have The Ring.

He reaches for the Ring and Sauron disappears again.  Sidious senses it behind him and turns to see the Eye there now.  He reaches again, and again the Eye disappears.  It appears next to him.  It taunts the Sith with its stare.  Venomously, Palpatine screams at the Royal Guards, “Stand the box up!  OPEN IT!!”…

*   *   *   *   *

Samwise Gamgee watches the confrontation ahead of him, unbelieving.  He is far enough away that he is not drawing any attention from the Dark Beings, and for that he is glad.  He spots what he came here for and reaches down to pick it up, but is frozen by what he sees next up ahead.  The red-robed figures, having stood up the box, open it up.  Sam almost screams out, but catches himself in a strangled whisper, “Frodo…  Oh no.”  Sam hears Gandalf’s whisper in his mind and continues with his task.  Barely taking his eyes off of Frodo, he reaches down and picks up the disgusting, slimy body of the dead Gollum.  He hesitates, wanting to help his friend, but then turns toward Mount Doom…

*   *   *   *   *

The effects of Shelob’s poison have worn off, but the Royal Guards kept the webbing around Frodo’s torso to bind his arms.  Frodo is pulled out of the box, a guard holding each arm, and walked out to join Darth Sidious and Sauron.  Sidious roughly snatches the Hobbit from the guards and pulls him around in front of him, pointing him in the direction of the Eye of Sauron.  The pupil of the Eye immediately dilates and the Eye starts to quiver.  Frodo’s piercing gaze meets the fiery stare of Sauron.  Sauron is unable to render himself invisible, so transfixed by Frodo’s gaze is he.  Palpatine moves Frodo closer to the Eye.  His huge, saucer-like blue eyes look so sad and they cut into Sauron’s Eye.  The Eye is shaking violently now.  The fire within is rolling wildly, and flame is bursting from the surface of the Eye.  The One Ring is ‘whispering’.  It’s ‘whisper’ is heard over all other things.  The whispering grows louder as Sauron’s Eye quakes more and more violently, like a volcano about to blow… And then it does.

…To be continued…


Jabba is being carried toward Sauron

Imperial transports touch down







Palpatine and his guard step onto Middle Earth

Samwise, disguised as an Orc, watches Jabba carried into Mordor

Sauron eagerly awaits the Ring







Jabba is torn apart

Sauron likes his new eye ring

Darth Sidious approaches the Black Gates







Sidious is greeted by the Mouth of Sauron

Palpatine tries to manipulate with the Force

The gates open and Mordor monsters await








Sidious is humored by Sauron's army

Stormtroopers come over the hill at Palpatine's signal

The Royal Guard defend the box







Sidious is lethal with his lightsaber

Sidious uses the Force to collapse the Black Gates

Imperial troops blast their way into Mordor's stronghold







Darth Sidious eagerly approaches the Eye of Sauron and the source of his longing

Sauron toys with Palpatine by disappearing and reappearing

Darth Sidious is not amused








Sidious commands his guard to open the box

Samwise, from afar, is saddened by the contents of the box

Frodo comes out and stares into the Eye of Sauron








Sauron's eye roils in flame

Frodo's gaze is piercing

Sauron's whisper is loud and the Eye shakes violently







The Eye of Sauron explodes

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