Star Wars vs LotR Deathmatch #13 – (Finale- part 2)

Battle of Dark Ones:

Darth Sidious







Frodo, Sidious, and his guard are all thrown back by the fiery explosion.  Deafened and blinded by the blow, the small group struggles to gain their bearings.  Frodo tries to stand, but then balls up on the ground, pressing his hands against his eyes in pain.  The Royal Guards hurriedly pat down their flaming red robes.  Darth Sidious is initially stunned by the blow, but shakes it off.  He smiles as he slowly starts to get to his feet, anticipating taking the Ring.  His smile fades, and he slows his climb to his feet when he looks at where the Eye had been.  In its place stands a figure about eight or nine feet tall, wearing full armor.  The armor is dark with spikes coming out of the shoulders and helmet.  The figure wields a massive black mace in its hand.  A hand adorned by the One Ring.  A look of fear touches the face of Palpatine as he considers his new opponent.  He gestures to his guards and they move to flank Sauron.  Sauron stands motionless as the red-robed Imperial Guard cautiously approach the large figure.  Almost close enough to touch him now, Sauron abruptly swings his mace in a wide, sideways arch and connects with all four guards.  They fly, broken, a hundred feet back in the air.  Palpatine’s frown deepens.  He yanks Frodo up onto his feet, hoping that his eyes will somehow still affect Sauron.  He pulls Frodo’s hands down from his face and sees glazed-over blind eyes.  He pushes Frodo at Sauron anyway.  Sauron lays a large gauntlet down on Frodo’s shoulder and dismissively throws the Halfling back over his own shoulder a few hundred feet into the air.  Darth Sidious stands before Sauron and his Ring of Power…

*   *   *   *   *

Frodo screams as he feels himself flying through the air and then suddenly stops, landing on a soft, moving object.  He grips the surface hard, as he feels the wind in his face while he flies.  He feels feathers under his clenched palms.  A giant eagle has caught Frodo and is heading towards Mount Doom…

*   *   *   *   *

Darth Sidious looks up at Sauron fearfully.  His eyes move quickly down to the ring on the Dark Sorcerer’s finger.  He looks back up again.  And then down to the Ring.  He longs badly for its power.  His face begins to change from a look of fear to a snarl.  Abruptly activating his lightsaber, he leaps at Sauron.  But Sauron anticipated his move.  Sauron’s powerful swing of the mace meets Palpatine’s face in the air and sends him flying back a great distance.  The Sith Lord collides into a group of advancing Stormtroopers and knocks them over like a set of bowling pins.  Still on the ground, shaken up, Palpatine seethes fury.  He points in the direction of Sauron and commands, “KILLL HIMMM!!!!!”  The Stormtroopers clamor up and many more that have advanced join them in attacking the Master of Mordor.  They charge, firing their weapons.  Sauron swings his mace, knocking laser blasts back into the attackers.  Stormtroopers fall, but there are many.  Sauron looks vulnerable for a moment.  Blaster fire is raining heavily at the Dark Lord.  Many miss their mark.  Many are knocked back by his black mace.  Many are finding their mark.  The blaster fire is knocking him back.  There are too many blasts to repel, and he is yelling in pain as blast after blast strikes his dark armor.  The Stormtroopers advance slowly, firing at will as Darth Sidious stands to his feet, smiling evilly.  Sauron is trying in vain to block the fire with his mace.  Suddenly, his yells of pain turn into a yell of fury, as he grabs his giant mace in both hands, lifts it overhead, and brings it down hard onto the rocky ground in front of him.  The blow sends an explosive shock wave through the ground and the earth cracks open below his weapon.  The crack travels like a stream toward the oncoming Stormtroopers and opens wider.  Stormtroopers scream as the ground gives way beneath them, swallowing them within its fiery depths.  The Stormtroopers behind the fallen earth back up quickly to avoid their doom, but Sauron, filled with fury, runs alongside the crack in the ground, jumps far over the hole that swallowed many of the Stormtroopers, and lands right among the many troops standing with Darth Sidious.  With a monstrous yell, Sauron swings his mighty mace and sends scores of screaming Stormtroopers flying into the sky.  Sidious, gracefully back flips several feet to avoid the swing of Sauron’s deadly weapon, and assumes a guarded stance with his lightsaber.  Sauron is decimating Stormtroopers with his mace, but there are perhaps a couple hundred left.  He brings his flexed arms forcefully out to his sides, assuming a power pose, and yells.  The earth erupts under the feet of the remaining Stormtroopers, as many large pressure blasts emit from the ground, blowing dozens of black and white armored troops into the sky.  Molten lava blows out of many of the holes, fatally burning the unfortunate nearby troops.  Sidious is caught by one of the geysers and blown into the air, his skin burning in pain.  He lands roughly, but looks up with only anger in his eyes.  His fear of this most powerful being is overwhelmed by his fury and his desire to obtain the Ring.  He lifts up his hands and summons his Dark Force.

Lifeless Stormtrooper bodies begin to lift up off the ground and fly at Sauron.  He is able to destroy the first few with his mace, but can not keep up with the many flying corpses and begins to get battered back.  The flying armored bodies start accumulating and piling up on Sauron.  Hundreds of them.  He is buried.  There is relative silence, as only the sound of Mount Doom’s activity can be heard.  And the sound of Palpatine’s heavy breathing.  Darth Sidious slowly approaches the pile of dead Stormtroopers.  In his fury, he hadn’t considered how he might obtain the Ring when he covered up his adversary.  He would have to remove them.  Surely, Sauron has been crushed under the hundreds of bodies.  Sidious begins to use the Force to throw bodies, two-to-three at a time, off of the pile.  With a thunderous BOOM, the armored bodies fly in every direction.  Some land in the open hole and crack, while others clatter loudly on the ground.  Sidious is knocked back by the blast, with a shocked look on his face.  Sauron is in his power pose, yelling triumphantly.  Darth Sidious gets up and steps toward Sauron with his own battle yell.  He holds up his hands and black lightning spills forth over Sauron.  The Dark Lord of Mordor screams in pain and falls to a knee, jerking his head and arms about.  Sauron drops his mace as he continues to writhe from the Sith Lord’s dark power.  Palpatine walks very slowly toward Sauron and ceases his lightning while he speaks, “If you do not give me the Ring, you will be destroyed!”  He shoots more lightning, accentuating his effort with a teeth-baring snarl.  After several seconds he stops, “Dark fool… only now, at the end, do you understand?”  Lightning.  Sauron writhes some more.  The world flickers and Emperor Palpatine is in the Death Star.  Luke Sywalker lies before him, smoking on the ground in agony.  Flicker.  Palpatine is back looking down at Sauron.  A look of brief confusion crosses his face, before his snarl comes back.  “Your feeble skills are no match for the power of the dark side!  You have paid the price for your lack of vision!”  Lightning.  Pain.  Screaming.  “Now, Sauron of Middle Earth… you will die.”  He points his hands forcefully at Sauron, covering him in dark lightning while the large, black-armored figure writhes.

The Ring of Power begins to glow brightly.  The lightning that pours over Sauron begins to converge toward the Ring on Sauron’s finger.  The flows of lightning shooting from The Emperor start to divert toward the Ring.  Palpatine’s snarl turns to concerned confusion.  With Sauron still down on all fours, the Ring starts glowing white, forcing Darth Sidious to squint his eyes.  Suddenly the concentrated energy from the ring blows back in a white light through the lightning coming from Sidious and sears him in a blast that throws him back several hundred feet.  “AAAAHHH!!!”  Darth Sidious rolls on the hard terrain roughly, bouncing about on the rocks, before coming to a stop.  After several minutes, he struggles to get up on all fours.  His dark robe is burned and torn.  He looks up and sees that Sauron is still recovering on all fours.  Sauron looks up and sees his opponent looking at him.  They glare at each other weakly and grab their weapons while they struggle to their feet…

*   *   *   *   *

Sam has begun his ascent up the side of Mount Doom when he hears the flapping of wings behind him.  Turning, he sees the giant eagle landing.  Sam: “Frodo?!  Frodo!”  Frodo: “Sam, is that you?!  Sam!”  Sam: “Mr. Frodo, I’m so glad to see you!  I thought you were dead for sure!”  Frodo: “Sam, I can’t see.  Help me.”  Frodo holds up his hand and Sam notices Frodo’s glazed eyes.  Sam, quietly to himself: “Oh Frodo, what have they done to you?”  Sam, loudly to Frodo: “I have something I need to do, Mr. Frodo.  Maybe you can help me.”…

*   *   *   *   *

Sauron vanishes.  Darth Sidious glares contemptuously at the empty space where Sauron previously stood.  Sidious sees a dead Stormtrooper body’s arm suddenly move up ahead.  Another body suddenly gets knocked into the glowing chasm in the ground.  Sidious can see that Sauron is retreating away from him.  Palpatine closes his eyes.  He senses the Ring.  He feels it moving further away from him.  He opens his eyes and follows his senses toward the volcanic mountain up ahead…

*   *   *   *   *

The rope Sam brought came in handy, as he has tied it around his and Frodo’s waists and they are holding Gollum’s corpse above their heads, trudging up the side of Mount Doom.  Frodo frequently trips, but Sam steels himself well and prevents them from sliding down the mountain.  Sam notices rocks coming loose further up and over on the side of the mountain.  It seems that rocks are gradually coming loose higher and higher up, as if something was knocking them loose.  Sam looks down to where the loose rocks are falling and sees that the dark-robed figure that had Frodo is hurriedly ascending the mountain, evading falling rocks.  Sam harshly whispers: “Get down Frodo!”…

*   *   *   *   *

Darth Sidious scales the rocky mountain side easily, driven by his lust for the Ring.  Many of the rocks that fall loose toward him are easily thrown aside by the Force.  He looks up and sees that Sauron has revealed himself about two hundred feet up ahead.  Sauron picks up a large rock and throws it down forcefully at Sidious.  Activating his lightsaber, the Sith Lord swings and blasts through the rock, sending pieces flying.  He continues his chase.  Sauron finds a large boulder and struggles to heave it overhead.  He raises it high and then sends it down on the ground toward Palpatine.  The boulder loosens other rocks and a rock slide forms with a giant boulder leading the way.  Sidious doesn’t hesitate.  He flips up in the air and comes down straight through the boulder with his lightblade, and with his longing for the Ring guiding him, he amazingly employs his Force powers and his incredible skill with the lightsaber to destroy or divert the many rocks coming at him.  Sauron has reached the top of the mountain and stands near the bubbling opening of Mount Doom.  Darth Sidious is there soon after…

*   *   *   *   *

The climb has become very difficult for the two Hobbits.  Sam’s strength is waning and Frodo has dragged them down with his trips several times now.  The bony Gollum corpse feels like a massive cave troll to their fatigued muscles.  Sam yells, “Come on, Mr. Frodo!  Gandalf said that this is the only way to save Middle Earth!  I think we’re getting closer!”…

*   *   *   *   *

The two black figures clash near the summit of Mount Doom.  Darth Sidous, with his red blade of light.  Sauron with his menacing black mace.  A distant shot shows two black silhouettes, their weapons sending sparks as they dance on the steep mountain side, the peak of the mountain bubbling lava and smoke.  Darth Sidious is unrelenting.  He MUST have the Ring!  The volcano begins to tremor.  It seems to feed off of the intensity of the duel.  While the combatants continue their fight, the volcano violently erupts.  Sidious and Sauron are thrown far down the mountain side, as lava and ash spew into air.  They land harshly and roll over many jagged rocks before eventually slowing to a stop.  Sauron notices an opening in the side of the mountain and slowly gets up, retreating toward it with a limp.  Sidious, watching his foe, struggles up onto his feet.  He’s so close.  He can feel his opponent weakening.  The Ring beckons…

…To be concluded…

The Eye of Sauron explodes

Frodo is blinded by the blast

Sidious eagerly waits for the smoke to clear so he can get the Ring







He is not happy to see...


Palpatine sends his guards at Sauron







Sauron sends broken royal guards flying with his mace

Sidious pushes a blind Frodo at Sauron and he is easily tossed aside

A giant eagle catches Frodo in the air and heads to Mount Doom







Sidious longs for the Ring on Sauron's finger

Sidious attacks

Sauron is ready and knocks Palpatine far back









Stormtroopers fire on Sauron

Sauron splits the earth and Stormtroopers are swallowed








Sauron jumps into the crowd and starts swinging his mace

Stormtroopers are decimated

Sauron power flexes and yells








The ground erupts and more Stormtroopers lose their lives

Sidious uses the Force to bury Sauron under Stormtrooper bodies

Sauron blasts his way out of the pile







Sidious bathes Sauron in black light, bringing him to his knees

The world flickers and Luke Skywalker lies before Palpatine in pain from his lightning

“Your feeble skills are no match for the power of the dark side! You have paid the price for your lack of vision! Now, Sauron of Middle Earth… you will die”







The Ring absorbs the lightning and blasts back Darth Sidious

Sam and Frodo reunite at the base of Mount Doom

Sauron disappears and Sidious senses for the Ring








The combatants head toward Mount Doom

Sauron throws boulders down at Sidious

Sidious evades and cuts through the rocks- he must have the Ring







Sam and Frodo are struggling to bring Gollum's body up the mountain

Darth Sidious reaches the peak of Mount Doom

Sauron and Sidious clash at the volatile peak of Mount Doom








Mount Doom erupts, sending Sidious and Sauron flying

Sauron limps into the entrance of Mount Doom.. Darth Sidious follows

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