Star Wars vs LotR Deathmatch #13 – (Finale- Finale)

Battle of Dark Ones:

Darth Sidious







Frodo falls and Sam is dragged down again.  The two Hobbits lie motionless for several minutes, breathing hard.  The mountain tremors roughly and the Hobbits hear a deafening explosion.  Soon after, the two evil figures fall from the sky and roll on the rocks above where Sam and Frodo lay exhausted.  Sam watches as the tall, armored one gets up and disappears into the side of the mountain, and the robed one follows soon after.  Sam had been so close.  It has to be the opening Gandalf spoke of… but Sam can not move.  His muscles scream with every agonizing movement.  His lungs feel as though they might burst.  Frodo looks no better.  Even if they didn’t require Gollum, Sam doesn’t think he could even drag himself up to where the opening is.  Sam starts to cry… so close…

*   *   *   *   *

Darth Sidious enters the opening and sees Sauron.  He is standing on a walkway that comes to a ledge that drops off into the fiery pit of Mount Doom.  Sauron is halfway to the ledge when he turns to face his adversary.  Battered and limping, Sauron prepares to make a final stand against the Sith Lord.  He holds his mace ready.  Sidious walks slowly toward the black-armored Dark Lord, his lightsaber gently waving back and forth.  The volcano rumbles.  Sidious speaks, “It ends here, Sauron!  I will take the Ring.”  Sauron waits, expectantly.  Weapons clash again, as the two figures of ultimate evil – the two Dark Ones exchange parries for the final time.  The weary warriors show their fatigue as strikes become more lethargic.  They have battled to their near limits.  Sauron motivated to defend the Ring.  Sidious motivated to obtain it.  Darth Sidious comes off of a blocked strike and spins while swinging overhead.  His strike comes down on the handle of Sauron’s mace, as the Master of Mordor holds his weapon on either end above his head, holding back the red blade.  Gritting his teeth, Palpatine pushes down hard on his weapon, forcing the weakened Sauron to a kneel.  He struggles to hold the mace, his arms wavering now.  Darth Sidious takes advantage and maneuvers for the kill strike.  Sliding off of the mace, Sidious spins and side-swings his red blade toward the head of Sauron.  But Sauron was ready.  Turning his mace vertical, he blocks the deathblow and jabs Sidious in the face with the butt of his handle.  Momentarily stunned, Sidious doesn’t see Sauron wind up for the mace’s uppercut swing that sends Sidious high into the air, his lightsaber flying back out of his hand.  Sidious lands hard on his back.  Dazed for a few seconds, he looks up and sees two Saurons lifting maces above their heads.  As his double vision corrects, the two Saurons slowly converge into one, standing right over him ready to destroy.  With a wicked yell, Palpatine reaches up his hand and his lightsaber flies quickly into it.  As Sauron brings his black mace down, Sidious swiftly activates his saber and swings at Sauron…reality flickers…  Sidious is a man wielding a broken sword, swinging it desperately at Sauron as he reaches down for him.  Flicker…  The swing of his lightsaber finds the hand of the Dark Lord.

The severed hand, still clutching the mace, spins in slow motion in the air and comes down to the ground.  Sauron looks down at his arm and sees that his hand.. his Ring is gone.  He screams and his body starts to glow brightly and lose substance.  Specks of him start to flutter away as he turns to ash.  His glowing body then explodes and his ash is strewn about Mount Doom’s innards as his armor falls empty to the ground.  Darth Sidious, slowly removing his shielding arm from his face, looks to see that Sauron is no more.  He looks down to where the empty armor lies and sees the severed hand… with the Ring.  He crawls over to the hand.  The anticipation of taking the Ring and putting it on his finger sends evil shivers down his spine.  He picks up the hand and it crumbles away, leaving only the One Ring in his palm.  It shrinks down from Sauron’s finger size to Palpatine’s.  He slides the Ring onto his middle finger and feels its power fill him.  The Ring begins to glow and Sidious starts to laugh.  The volcano rumbles as his laugh grows louder and louder until he is screaming in maniacal laughter.  As he speaks, his body flickers between an image of his own and that of a Dark Galadriel, “In the place of your Dark Lord, you will have a new Dark Lord!  Evil, hideous, and terrible as the Morn!  Treacherous as the Seas!  Stronger than the foundations of the Earth!  All shall fear me and despair!!”  The flickering stops when he stops talking.  He raises his hands up and black lightning shoots from his fingertips up toward the volcanic opening as he continues to laugh.  The lightning becomes concentrated and converges into a dark purple beam that blasts through the opening endlessly into the sky… the world flickers… Mount Doom is now Minas Morgul emitting a solid beam of green light up into the sky… the world flickers again and the Dark Sith Lord is at the ledge holding his hands up and laughing again…

*   *   *   *   *

Gandalf stands on a balcony with Pippin.  Pippin: “I didn’t think it would end this way.”  Gandalf looks down, considering: “End?.. No, the journey doesn’t end here.  Death is another path, one that we all must take.  The grey rain curtain of this world rolls back and all turns to silver glass… and then you see it.”  Pippin: “What, Gandalf?  See what?”  Gandalf, smiling: “White shores… and beyond… A far green country under a swift sunrise.”  Pippin’s face takes on a look of calm serenity: “Well, that isn’t so bad.”… Suddenly, a dark purple beam of light shoots into the heavens up in the distance.  The two look at the beam- Pippin’s serenity is replaced by fear- Gandalf has a look of concern.  Gandalf, with a sullen quiet: “We come to it at last… the great battle of our time…”

*   *   *   *   *

Sam and Frodo are inching their way up the side of the mountain on their hands and knees.  The occasional tremors of the rumbling mountain send them falling on their sides and waiting for calm.  This time the calm doesn’t seem to come.  The echo of an evil laugh is heard coming from the opening that is so painfully close.  And then Sam sees the beam of energy blast through the top of the volcano.  Frodo, breathing heavy: “What was that sound?”  Sam: “I think we’re too late, Frodo… I think we’re too late.”…

*   *   *   *   *

With his arms still in the sky shooting lightning, Darth Sidious closes his eyes.  He maintains an evil grin as he uses the power of the Ring to summon his forces to Middle Earth with his mind…

*   *   *   *   *

Sam sees a blast of red light ahead smash into Mordor’s walls.  Remaining Orcs and other minions scream and flee as rock crumbles.  More laser fire slams into the city.  Sam sees a large, triangular structure come into view in the sky.  And then another.  Giant walking machines are approaching on the terrain.  Laser fire rains on Mordor…

*   *   *   *   *

Helm’s Deep rains arrows fruitlessly at the superior force, as Imperial Walkers emerge over the hill and fire upon the fort.  The sky darkens with Star Destroyers.  The fleers of Rohan look up at their doom…

*   *   *   *   *

Rivendell is burning.  Its once serene beauty now awash in mayhem and death as laser fire lights it up.  The Elves fight valiantly to defend their home.  Elven magic, marksmanship, and pride make it a fight.  But the Elves are eventually overcome by the giant Imperial machines…

*   *   *   *   *

Helpless Hobbits run in terror as the peaceful green Shire is laid to waste in fire and mayhem wrought by the destructive forces of the Empire.

*   *   *   *   *

The battle rages on at Pelennor Fields.  Orc and man are engaged in a desperate fight for Minas Tirith, which stands white and majestic in the background.  The ground quakes…  It quakes again…  The combatants take pause as they begin to notice the giant shapes approaching in the distance.  Imperial Walkers begin to shower the battlefield with deadly red light.  Many die before humans and monsters begin to work together.  The Orcs turn their catapults and other war machines against the Empire.

Han Solo is at the wreckage of the Millennium Falcon mourning his fallen mates.. his friends and his ship.  The battle around him seems to be changing in some way, but he only vaguely notices.  He hears a harsh voice: “Hey!… Hey!  I’m talking to YOU!!”  Han looks over to see a gruff-looking Dwarf with redish brown hair holding an axe.  He looks ready to use it.  “I understand you’re the one who killed the Elf.”  A brief look of sadness touches the Dwarf’s face and then is replaced by anger.  “He was my friend!”  Han Solo laughs softly and looks over at the Dwarf, “He was your friend?.. I killed your friend?!”  He stands up and faces the dwarf angrily…

*   *   *   *   *

Sam and Frodo clutch each other tightly with tears in their eyes as the rumbling of the mountain grows more violent.  Beyond the Star Destroyers in the sky, Sam notices a large, red, round shape beginning to cover the sun.  He speaks softly, “The red moon rises…”  Frodo looks confused, “Moon?…”  The voice of Obi-Wan Kenobi permeates the air, “That is no moon…”

As the red Death Star moves slowly into position, the odd convergence of worlds is becoming more unstable.  The line that separates them is becoming blurred and battlefields begin taking on a bizarre mesh of combatants.  Orcs are wearing various parts of Stormtrooper armor while riding speeder bikes, and Stormtroopers are carrying spears while riding Wargs…  Imperial blasters fire arrows and archers pull back beams of light… AT-AT Walkers are stomping around with giant tusks while Oliphants are firing head-mounted lasers…  Star Destroyers have gigantic leathery wings…  Han Solo and Gimli are seen battling- Han with pointy ears and long, blonde hair- Gimli with an R2D2 dome helmet and a third mechanized leg…  Insanely terrifying monster mixes between Cave Trolls, Rancors, and Balrogs run amuck…  A black-hooded Boba Fett, swinging a flail, jet packs over the battlefield… A short, green Gandalf is seen battling back enemies with his staff… Aragorn cuts through Orcs and Stormtroopers alike with a green lightsaber, dressed in a tight, black outfit…  Arwen is fighting in Rivendell with hair buns on either side of her head, firing a blaster…  The Shire burns, as Ewok-Hobbit hybrids run, panicking from the attack…  Ents are being destroyed as Fangorn Forest burns…  The meshings change every few minutes, as the world flickers and reality is blurred further and further…  The world begins to grow dark as the sun is covered by the ominous red moon….

*   *   *   *   *

Darth Sidious is trembling.  Not just from the shaking Mount Doom, but from the power that is surging through him.  He has positioned the massive Death Star with his will through the power of the Ring.  It is ready to destroy Middle Earth.  His laugh takes on a wicked shrill and flickers between his own and that of shrieking Nazgul.  The world is shaking violently…

*   *   *   *   *

Sam and Frodo are still crying on the rumbling mountainside, as the sun is nearly covered by the red moon.  A green beam from the concave on the surface of the red moon comes to center.  Another comes to center, converging with the last… Sam and Frodo hear a robotic voice nearby say, “I can’t carry it for you.. but I can carry you!”..  Two black arms scoop up the Hobbits while Sam clutches the dead Gollum…

Darth Vader stumbles into the opening of Mount Doom.  The trembling is making it very difficult to walk steady, but Vader wastes no time hurrying to the Emperor.  Palpatine has his back to Vader and the Hobbits, still with his eyes closed.

– Another beam converges on the Death Star –

Very near now, Darth Vader puts the Hobbits down.  They manage to find enough strength to carry the Gollum to the ledge where Sidious stands.  Sam yells to Vader, “WE HAVE TO DO IT AT THE SAME TIME!!”

– Another beam converges –

Emperor Palpatine hears the voice and turns to see the Hobbits next to him at the ledge.

– A final beam converges with the others, completing the Death Star’s beam.  The point of convergence begins to ball up as it prepares to unleash its unbelievable power and destroy Middle Earth –

Darth Vader picks up Palpatine.  The Emperor starts spraying himself in the face with his still-emitted dark lightning.  The Hobbits hoist the Gollum overhead, watching Darth Vader.  Darth Vader flickers as he has two arms and then only one while hoisting the Emperor over his head.  “NOW!!”, yells Sam, and Vader throws Palpatine at the same time that the Hobbits throw Gollum.  The world flickers madly… Emperor Palpatine falling down the shaft in the Death Star… A live Gollum falling to the fires of Mount Doom… as they both fall together, the Ring jumps between Palpatine’s finger and Gollum’s finger… the flickering is occurring super rapidly as the two bodies fall in slow motion with the Ring jumping between them.  The Ring is flickering so fast between the fingers that is a blur.. a golden line that connects the fingers of Palpatine and Gollum.

– The Death Star beam fires –

The Ring suspends between the two bodies as they all fall.  Palpatine, Gollum, and Ring land in the fires of Mount Doom…

An explosion from the bodies landing in the fire sends Darth Vader and the Hobbits flying out of the entrance.  As they fly out of the volcano, a giant explosion above lights up the sky as the Death Star also explodes.  The violent tremors continue for several minutes… and then gradually begin to die down………..

*   *   *   *   *

Middle Earth is as it was.  The Shire, green and peaceful, has Hobbits celebrating some event…  Minas Tirith is unscathed, white and glorious against the mountains…  Citizens of Rohan happily go about their daily chores…  Elves of Rivendell discuss magic and philosophy…  Minions of Mordor merrily prepare an assault on Gondor…  Any sign that beings from a galaxy far, far away were here have disappeared… except for one.

Darth Vader watches with the Hobbits as Gandalf, riding a giant eagle, lands near them.  None of the denizens of Mordor seem to notice the figures at the base of Mount Doom.  Gandalf is greeted warmly with hugs by Sam and Frodo, who appears to have his vision back.  Gandalf smiles as he bends down to embrace the Hobbits, but glances toward Vader with a look of concern on his face.  He addresses the black-caped Sith, “I am glad Theoden’s words to you did not go unheeded.  Thank you.  You have saved our world.”  Vader simply nods.  Gandalf, glancing to the ground, says quietly under his breath: “I wonder, though… why you are still here.”  He looks back to Vader and speaks louder: “This mount is sturdy.  But I don’t think it will hold all of us.  I will call for another and it should…”  Darth Vader cuts him off speaking to himself: “I sense something… a presence I haven’t felt since…”  Vader looks up and notices the wizard and Hobbits staring at him.  He speaks, “Please take them.  There is something else I must do.”

The Hobbits graciously thank Darth Vader for his help and climb on the eagle.  Gandalf puts a hand on Darth’s shoulder and says, with sincerity, “Thank you again, friend.”  Gandalf then turns to mount the eagle, the concerned look returning to his face.  Gandalf and the Hobbits fly away…

Darth Vader doesn’t have to wait very long.  He hears footsteps approaching behind.  They stop and Obi-Wan Kenobi’s voice says, “Look familiar, Anakin?”  Darth breathes robotically.  Kenobi looks around, “This looks very much like Mustafar.  Where we had our first fight.  It ended pretty poorly for you, if I recall correctly.”  Vader turns to look at his long-time adversary.  He speaks: “I remember.  You were a worthy opponent then.  Our last meeting on the Death Star… you have grown old and weak.”  Obi-Wan chuckles, “I am not weak, old friend.  I was merely providing a distraction for the lad and his friends.  My perceived death helped him grow… This place… this ‘Mount Doom’… This is a much more fitting place for us to settle our past once and for all.  Let’s do it, Darth.  Let’s have our true final battle.”  Darth Vader hesitates only briefly, and then answers by extending his red light of death.  Obi-Wan smiles and draws his weapon.  The two men step into a nearby fighting ring and put in mouth guards.  Obi-Wan: “You know, Anakin, it’s too bad we gotta get old.”  Vader: “Ah, just keep punching Obi-Wan.”  Obi-Wan: “You wanna ring the bell?”  Vader: “Ding-ding.”  The two combatants dance around the ring for a few seconds, then pull back their lightsabers and jump at each other while swinging their blades.  The picture freezes and fades into a painting while the band Survivor plays the song “Eye of the Tiger”……..

**Darth Sidious takes the Ring from Sauron** (Star Wars 7, LotR 6)… but Middle Earth is saved when the climaxes of each movie are concurrently made to happen, disrupting the blur between the very similar plots and characters.

Sam and Frodo can't climb any further as they watch the Dark Ones enter the mountain

Inside of Mount Doom

Darth Sidious walks in and faces his adversary for the last time







Sauron faces Sidious within Mount Doom

Sauron knocks Sidious to the ground and comes in for the kill

Reality flickers and Palpatine is Isildur cowering beneath Sauron








Sauron stands above Sidious ready for the kill

Darth Sidious swings his blade from the ground

Sauron's hand flies into the air with the Ring








Sauron disintegrates without the Ring of Power

Palpatine crawls over to the severed hand with the Ring

He puts on the Ring







Darth Sidious feels the power of the Ring fill him

Reality flickers as Emperor Palpatine sounds much like Galadriel during her Ring temptation

Sidious fills Mount Doom with dark lightning and shoots upward out of the volcano







Reality flickers and the purple beam becomes the green beam of Minas Morgul

Gandalf tells Pippin that death isn't all bad and then they see the purple beam in the distance

Sam and Frodo hear evil laughter.. Sam: "I think we're too late"







Darth Sidious uses his new power to summon Imperial Death

The skies of Middle Earth fill with Star Destroyers

The ground rumbles with the advance of Imperial Walkers







Mordor's walls crumble from Imperial might

Helm's Deep falls to the power of the Dark Side

The Elves of Rivendell are no match for Imperial might







The Shire burns while terrified Hobbits run in vain

Orc and man turn to face Imperial forces at Pelennor Fields

Han Solo is mourning his friends at the crash of the Millenium Falcon







Gimli wants a piece of Solo for killing Legolas

Han Solo tells Gimli to bring it

Sam: "The red moon rises"







Obi-Wan: "That is no moon"

As the Death Star moves into position convergences between the worlds run rampant

Storc Troopers engage in battle







Oliphants shoot lasers from their heads

Star Destroyer Beasts rain death from the sky

Legolasolo battles with...








The Balrancor is terrifying

Boba-Witch Fett screeches while jetpacking about







Yodalf is very skilled

Aragorn Skywalker is a Jedi king

Princess Leiarwen is buntastic






Sidious laughs as he prepares to destroy Middle Earth

Beams start to converge on the Death Star

Darth Vader picks up the Hobbits and carries them into Mount Doom








Another beam converges


Another beam converges






Darth Sidious turns when he hears Sam's voice

The Death Star beams have converged and build power

Vader picks up Emperor Palpatine








The Ring blurs between their fingers as Gollum and Darth Sidious fall to the fires below

The Death Star fires

Sidious, Gollum, and the Ring land in the fires of Mount Doom







There is an explosion within Mount Doom

And an explosion in the sky as the Death Star is destroyed

Middle Earth celebrates






Gandalf arrives and is upset to see Vader still in Middle Earth

Sam and Frodo are happy to see Gandalf

“I sense something… a presence I haven’t felt since…”







Gandalf and the Hobbits fly away

Obi-Wan shows up and taunts Vader into a rematch

Darth Vader accepts








It ends with the rematch that should have been- and dialogue from Rocky and Apollo

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